Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't be Offsides

Don't be offsides

"Hike Pass:" a coaching cue used to initiate the Swing (also used in the Snatch and Clean).

Purpose: to generate enough backwards power to pre-load the hamstrings and hips prior to explosive hip drive.
((Power=Force* Distance/Time))

   One thing I see with Victims, and with self proclaimed experts on YouTube, is people standing over the Kettlebell (KB) in more of a deadlift stance prior to the start of a swing, clean, or snatch. Whether it's high rep sets, timed sets, or the beloved shake and bake, people start creeping forward and standing closer and closer to the bell. Whatever the reason, it’s wrong. When you reduce the distance between you and the kettlebell you reduce the Power you can generate for the Hike Pass. ((Power=Force* DISTANCE/Time)) Since we're using one football term let's add another: Offsides. This is a five-yard penalty that occurs when any football player breaks the plane of the football before the snap/hike of the ball. The same can apply to the Swing (Snatch, Clean). If any part of your body breaks the plan of the Kettlebell before the Hike Pass you're offsides, penalty. To remind yourself not to break the plane of the kettlebell, and in an effort to keep a good distance between you and the kettlebell, think of the immortal words of the Chief "20 pushups; enjoy."

Set up for the Hike Pass:Get in a comfortable athletic stance BEHIND the Kettlebell (about a foot).

Proper athletic stance:feet shoulder with apart, toes pointed straight forward, knees bent, back straight, head neutral, weight shifted to the heels.

Hike Pass Execution:Grasp the KB with one or two hands, tighten the abs, and Hike Pass the bell between your legs with force, as close to your groin as possible (very similar to a hike/snap in football). Then follow the next steps for the Swing, Snatch or Clean.

Tim Shuman, RKC