Thursday, September 9, 2010

10000 Swing Challenge is back

It time again

The Holidays are here along with loads of temptation. This is a prime time to test your focus. As many of you know getting there is half the battle. Staying there is just as hard.. What works? The basics, Consistency/Time, move it or loose it ( or gain it to be more accurate ). What a great time for the "10000 Swing Challenge." This should be a good reminder not to blow all your hard work over the past 9 months on candy, cakes, pie, etc..

This challenge is a nice motivator and gives you a light at the end of the tunnel. A good place to reward yourself. Best part is you can swing anytime, am, pm, three times a day or three times a week. You just get it done when you can.

This is how we'll run our second 10000 Swing Challenge.

Starting October 4, 2010 ending November 7, 2010 ( that works out to 238.1 swings per day )

Everyone who signs in to the Challenge will first post what your reward will be, then post there numbers weekly. I'll then post everyone together so you can see where you stand.

Rules.. just one. SAFETY FIRST, don't kill yourself just to get numbers. Protect your hands, don't forget to stretch, no lazy knees, and lead with your hips and hike pass with a purpose.
Last year we included Cleans and Snatches in the Challenge this year its only Swings..
1 Swing = 1 Swing anyway you want.
So lets get rolling with this nice little competition, add friends, clients, classes..
So why no shoes?

Think of it this way shoes are like mittens. Go around all day with a pair of mittens on your hands.. You'll find things are harder to pick up, your fingers may get claustrophobic, and everything you touch will just feel wrong. Same goes for shoes. But shoes go even farther, the mittens won't affect the rest of your body ( yes unless you strain something while reaching ) When your toes are confined and you feet are floating ( as they do in these high tech shoes ), you lose the ability to feel the ground. Nerve endings, motor sensors don't work properly, bones and joints don't line up right. Enter Kettelbell Training....

At Fit Camp we work from the ground up.. Starting with Rooting of the feet ( you can't do this properly with shoes on ).. Rooting is awareness and influencing how the body aligns through contact with the ground and your feet. Three key points connect the barefoot with the ground; 1. under the big toe, 2. under the small toe, 3. the heel. Stand barefoot and shift your weight to find these points and pay attention to how each feels.Once you master this step try it with your eyes closed. many different things will be happening now. Finally when you feel comfortable with your new solid rooting technique, grab a kettlebell by the horn and perform several Goblet Squats, shifting your weight though out the movement to find the balance point and solid root position..

Once you can establish a solid base, can properly root your feet to the ground and can brace your abs ( hands on a kettlebell abs tight ) you will find your press, squat and swing movements will have more control, feel much more powerful and become more efficient. Less not forget safer