Friday, January 15, 2010

1200 Kcal

1200 Kcals with Kettlebells in an Hour???..

Josh Hillis posted a great article about an ACE (The American Council on Exercise) study done to prove our ( kettlebell enthusiast ) belief that Kettlebells burn the most calories in half the time..

ACE (The American Council on Exercise) Dubbed the "workout watchdog" by The Wall Street Journal in 1997, ACE has established a reputation as a consumer advocate. Since 1995, ACE has enlisted the expertise of top researchers at major universities across the country to conduct studies on fitness products and trends.((ACE website))

The study was held at UW La Crosse with 10 volunteers. Using a Max Ex. test on a treadmill to get a baseline. They moved to the Kettlebell, the Snatch being the exercise of choice. ( Its doesn't say but we need to guess all the volunteers where proficient in the Snatch before the study. ) Using the

Viking Warrior Conditioning
The Scientific Approach to Forging a Heart of Elastic Steel
By Kenneth Jay Master RKC.. 15/15 protocol for twenty minutes.

You can read the full study here;

They found after 20 min. the aerobic burn (O2 consumption) was 13.6 calories per min. Then adding the anaerobic (Blood Lactate) 6.6 for a grand total of 20.2 calories burned per minute. That's equal to a 6 min. mile running pace.

Now the kick is this study was not done by any Kettlebell Guru or to sell a program. Just the facts....