Sunday, May 30, 2010

Phase 2 Week One

Phase 2 is relatively similar to Phase 1. just some slight changes here and there.

I had to check with Geoff Neupert, Master RKC, creator of "Kettlebell Burn"  about jumping to Phase 3. I'm getting ready for RKCII in July and need to focus on some Snatch work. Geoff suggested following Phase 2 for the strength component. I'll still get two weeks of Snatch work in Phase 3 before July RKCII.

Week 1,  Still feeling strong from the first four weeks. I have added some Snatch work along with RKCII prep on the off days mainly for piece of mind. Little off on the diet section. I've never been one to measure or count kcals, etc. But still with the general idea of the nutritional section. More to come.

Week Four

OK so alittle late on this one but,, After changing to single TGUs and finding some imbalances, getting them straightened out. I finished up Phase 1.. Good stuff, again this is a 16 week strength,weight loss, program complete with tracking sheets, workout program, and nutrition program.  The best part is its simplicity..

Feelin good. I need some heavier bells.. On to Phase 2

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week Three

OK little late on the post.. But here we go..

So in talking with Geoff Neupert, Master RKC inventor of the Kettlebell Burn.. Geoff suggested not doing the Double Get Ups. Main reason, you lose "the asymmetrical-loaded rotational benefits of single arm version". Explanation, with double TGUs your doing what ever it takes to get up. With a Traditional Turkish Get Up or Kalos Sthenos ( Beautiful Strength ) you work each of Our/RKC 7 steps specially to increase joint mobility, stability, and symmetry.

So now moving back to the single arm Get Up, Session A doesn't suck as bad..
So this week Zeke jumped in on the single arm Get Ups ( Zeke is my 40kg/88lbs ). And with this move on Tues.( Session A ) some of my symmetry problems came into play. So Thurs. ( Session A ) I went down to a 32kg/70lbs to work on some of my issues..

Session B was great....

On to Week Four..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week two

This week I changed work days to Tues, Thurs. Sat. Sessions will be B-A-B.

Session B

Double clean and press ladder,

Double Get-up sit-up 24kg,

Double Suitcase rev. lunge , 24kg 

Double kb Swings for time, 24kg ( each week the time changes, just 10sec dif. makes a huge difference )

This was A session not a big fan of the Double KB get-ups. They are murder.. But getting them done.


B session again. I must say out of the two this is the one I like best.. Must be the pressing.

Slight twist. I ran this session with my Fit Camp. They all did single bells, and really seemed to enjoy it. I had some slight distractions but got mine done with them.