Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Part 1

Can you make yourself 1% better? What if you make yourself 1% better at 100 things?

Many people set goals to be 100% better than someone or at something.. Is it even possible to be 100% better than someone? Probably not, but can you be 1% better at 100 things? Studies on Olympics have shown the difference between a Gold metal and 4th place is 1%. Whether its distance, weight or time it all works out to be 1%. The Olympic motto is " swifter, higher, stronger " not " swiftest. highest, strongest. " Which should mean working on getting better at something everyday. So if its good enough for the elite of the elite, why shouldn't it be good enough for you?

Since we are talking Kettlebells, what could you do to improve your kettlebell practice by 1%. Of course each of the RKC 6 can be improved with deliberate practice. ( "Whats that?" you say? We'll address that in the next post ) How about simple things that once improved will have a ripple effect to improve something in all the RKC 6. Here is a simple list; Power Breathing, Hike, Rooting, Hip Mobility, Shoulder Stability and the list can go on. 1% improvement of any of these techniques can improve all of our RKC 6.

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