Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week two

This week I changed work days to Tues, Thurs. Sat. Sessions will be B-A-B.

Session B

Double clean and press ladder,

Double Get-up sit-up 24kg,

Double Suitcase rev. lunge , 24kg 

Double kb Swings for time, 24kg ( each week the time changes, just 10sec dif. makes a huge difference )

This was A session not a big fan of the Double KB get-ups. They are murder.. But getting them done.


B session again. I must say out of the two this is the one I like best.. Must be the pressing.

Slight twist. I ran this session with my Fit Camp. They all did single bells, and really seemed to enjoy it. I had some slight distractions but got mine done with them.

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